Thursday, August 27, 2009

Melbourne. part

Arif, diz cute little boy. gonna mishh him so much.. believe it or not, he got a scar kat dahi dia sama cm Harry Potter..;p but da ilang laa. ;P

Dvd times...yeah..we rented dvds.

Last day at Melbourne, nk jgk gi city nk abiskan duit.. ;p

We went to 'Zam Zam Briyani'. The food is not bad but expensive too.. $$

Yeahh..bowling! bowling~....

**acting like 7's models..ha-ha;p**

Finally, goodbye Melbourne. Hope we can come back there soon. I really lovee diz place cuz nk shopping mmg best.. thank you so much to En. Latiff and family. ;)

Still...naik Air mase nk blik ni seksanyee..hurghh! da foods? euww! ( sorry! )


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